Teaching with Deserts & Wind Videos

Deserts are dynamic environments in which sediment is eroded, transported, and deposited by wind to form the spectacular dunes of Planet Earth. The movement of sand by wind is a special process called saltation, and laboratory study of sand in a wind tunnel shows its fine details.

Here's a ready-to-go handout with weblinks, instructions, and a layout for student responses.

Video #1: Saltation of Sand in the Desert

تطاير الرمل من اعلى النفود بصحراء الدهناء Blowing sand from highest dunes in ALdahna desert - Saudi Arabia

Video #2: Saltation of Sand in a Wind Tunnel

Close up of sand movement in the WERU wind tunnel. From the Wind Erosion Research Unit of the US Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, in cooperation with Kansas State University. http://www.weru.ksu.edu/new_weru/multimedia/multimedia.html