Top 3 Reasons Why We Invented EZsnips

In the Paleozoic Era, we taught with chalk

In the Mesozoic Era, we taught with 35 mm slides

In the Cenozoic Era, we teach with PowerPoint

#1 - To Make Video Snips / Play Snips from PowerPoint

Ever try to embed a video file in PowerPoint?

Been there. Done that. Tried to transform my course with video. For an entire year. It's arcane, frustrating, full of minefields, and not worth it - not one bit!

YouTube + EZsnips = PowerPoint + Video

We invented EZsnips to bring video snips into the classroom. Fast!

  • no programs to buy, install, learn
  • short learning curve - make a snip and use it in 2 minutes! (We promise - well, maybe 3 minutes)

#2 - Play Snips My Way

  • auto play on preset start and stop points
  • mute, or not
  • other features

#3 - Build My Library

  • Tag with smart keywords - adds value to video
  • Share (or not) with my friends, colleagues, fellow teachers, students
  • Contribute to a national repository, vetted by you, the domain expert
Click to filter video snips with "mineral" OR "limestone" keyword tags

Click to filter video snips with "mineral" OR "limestone" keyword tags