EZSnips co-Founder and CEO

EZSnips co-Founder and CEO

Scott Brande has been teaching earth science at UAB since the Pleistocene Epoch! He must REALLY enjoy it (he does!). Scott does not believe in knowledge silos, and that view has driven him through departmental and disciplinary walls like an asteroid through the roof. Scott's appointments (primary-Assoc. Prof., dept. of chemistry; secondary-dept. of electrical and computer engineering) have provided Scott opportunities to collaborate with fantastic faculty across campus and around the world to explore nooks and crannies of the Earth, Moon, and even the minds of his students! For more detailed information on Scott, including links to research and publications, check out his social network profiles.

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And if you're interested in fossils, check out Scott's discovery of a fossil fish new to science - his 360 million year old baby, Sterropterygion brandei.

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Kursat Arslan is a teacher, web designer and programmer, and also a newly minted PhD in education and computer science. As a faculty member at Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey, Kursat brings his skills to students who will teach the next generation. His research studies of how teachers learn and teach provide insight into the use of video multimedia in education. Kursat doesn’t believe in hardened walls of knowledge or academia. He has worked for over 10 years with different technology companies, bringing his web development programming skills in HTML, CSS, ASP, and Javascript to the challenges of designing professional web sites. Was it fate that Kursat found Scott on the web, and the challenges of deploying video multimedia in the classroom? After a year as a research scholar at UAB, EZSnips is the result. For more information about Kursat, check out his Linkedin profile.