How do I use my EZsnip?

EZsnips creates a web link, and a block of embed code that refers to the video segment you create with EZsnips. For example, here's a neat YouTube video about robotic exploration of the surface of comets and asteroids, from JPL and NASA.

SnipLink: EZsnips creates a URL that is web-compatible. The snip link looks like this: Click the blue text to play the snip link attached to it. How to Explore the Surface of Comets and Asteroids

A click of "Copy" transfers the snip link to the clipboard. You may then paste the snip link into a new browser tab, save the snip link as a browser bookmark, or attach the link as a hyperlink on a PowerPoint slide, or in any other web-compatible environment. When clicked, the snip link will open in a new browser window, and the video segment will begin to play. 

Embed code: We also produce a block of code for your use on web pages. Note the code block in the screen capture. You may need to modify our code block to conform to the requirements of your particular web page. A click of the "Copy" button copies the embed code block to your clipboard.