Academic Uses of Video Multimedia

A simple Google search exposes a bazillion hits for a search on "academic fair use of video" that could occupy your recreational reading time for the rest of your life. But this would not be a wise use of your remaining time on earth, and would likely leave you just as confused at the end as at the beginning.

Online sources of information from educational institutions

Many universities have posted summaries and discussions on issues of fair use, and the four factors used to evaluate a fair use claim. These factors are general, and not specific to an evaluation of fair use for video. Here are a few of the more widely cited sources.

Center for Media and Social Impact of American University

This foundation-supported center in the School of Communication at American University has much information in text and video on copyright, fair use, and a Code of Best Practices.

The Center also has its own YouTube channel with video that illustrates examples and discussions of fair use.

Association of Research Libraries

Has a special section for video that is a bit out of date today in light of more recent legal decisions.

Stanford University Library

Stanford University maintains a website with massive content, covering all the major topics and summarizing legal decisions. A discussion of fair use is shown in the video below.

Columbia University

Penn State University

Vimeo and YouTube Resources on Copyright and Fair Use

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