What We Designed EZsnips to Do Best

The techie part

  • exploit the awesome educational content in YouTube
  • make it easy and fast to make an EZsnip from YouTube (no experience necessary)
  • play an EZsnip by simply clicking a link
  • deploy an EZsnip in any web-compatible environment (e.g., from PowerPoint, browser)
  • store snips in a private or public library
  • share snips under your control

For teachers

  • build a snip library by subject (e.g., earth science), for personal, public, or sharing use
  • transform low-value, passive video, into high-value, active video through video tutorials
  • contribute high-value snips and video tutorials to a national, subject-specific repository for teachers like you
  • bring together the wisdom-of-the-crowd among domain experts

The biggest Earth Science snip library on the web curated for an introductory course

OK - so we don't know if we really have the BIGGEST curated earth science collection, but we do know that it exceeds 1,100 snips, and is getting bigger every day. Because we've seeded it ourselves. Tagged with the common keywords we use to teach a 101 lecture course. So you can search by words you know, like mineral, igneous rock, landslide, etc.

Click through our video gallery of introductory topics. At the bottom of each page you'll find a clickable filmstrip that will take you to our archive, invoke the keyword for that topic, and return for you the set of snips in the public section of EZsnips. The other 800+ snips are available for viewing, use, and sharing when we release a subscription service.

EZsnips is ready now (while in beta) for you to ADD your own content to our >1,100 curated collection of earth science snips. Free trial while in beta.

What EZsnips isn't (at present)

The techie part

  • a fancy, full-featured, professional system you buy and install on your own PC for shooting, editing, and creating original video
  • an online, full-featured video editing and distributing platform for your uploaded original video production

Our Competitors (Sort Of)

We want to be the best at what we do, and we're happy that you look to other businesses for different video needs. The companies we mention are in no way an endorsement of their suitability to serve your needs, their technical expertise, their value in any real or implied way, or any other inference or meaning you may construe from our words that follow.

Online YouTube Video Clipping Services

coming soon

Online Video Production Services

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Online Educational Video Repositories

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