Top 3 Reasons Why You Don't Teach with Video

1. Too Much Cost/Work! I don't want to buy/install/learn video editing programs

Adobe Premiere         Camtasia          Final Cut Pro

2. PowerPoint Hell! Embedding video files in PowerPoint is more painful than pulling a toenail!


3. Why should I use video? I don't think video adds much value to my already incredible lectures!

Scott Brande, guest lecture at an elementary school

Scott Brande, guest lecture at an elementary school

Need we really say more? Sure, your lectures are incredible. You're the "sage on the stage". Research demonstrates however, that our understanding of "best practices" is changing. Classroom interactivity is now a focal point for research and teaching. Browse the library page for more information.

So take a break - give your students a break. Show a video snip. Capture their attention. Make 'em think about what they're watching with a video tutorial handout. Check out the pages below.