Special for Earth Science/Geoscience Teachers

Video multimedia can help to transform the classroom and online environment for students from a more passive setting to a more active one that requires student engagement and response. Resources below draw on EZSnips as a YouTube video-snipping tool for the creation of specific segments, and existing video snip archives curated by Scott Brande.  When curated, geoscience video snips are aligned with specific subjects (e.g., minerals, groundwater, plate tectonics) and are retrievable by simple keyword search, EZSnips geoscience archives represent a valuable asset for teaching and learning.

Teaching with Video Multimedia - Video Presentation

This online video presentation (6 minutes) by Scott Brande condenses information from the 2014 NAGT Teaching with Video virtual workshop hosted by SERC. Brande also demonstrates with examples how he integrates video during a live geoscience lecture.

Click image to play video presentation in a new browser window.

Click image to play video presentation in a new browser window.

Geoscience Outreach - Resources for K-12 Teacher Workshop

Brande created materials for distribution to K-12 earth science teachers during a workshop. These resources are made available through links below.

     Teaching K-12 Earth Science with Video - Resources for Teachers
     What are Video Tutorials?
     A Video Tutorial for the Study of Sand Dune Angle of Repose
     A Video Tutorial for the Study of Brazilian Rainforest Deforestation
     A Video Tutorial Template for An Instructional Video

Sources of Geoscience Video on YouTube

By extensive searching on YouTube, Brande has discovered and subscribed to over 200 channels of "legitimate" geoscience-related video of relevance to a diversity of topics, from planetary atmospheres to sandbox demonstration of structural deformation (and most in between!). A collection of curated channels is public and accessible on Brande's YouTube channel.

Original Videos (by Brande) for Information and Instruction

Brande has produced original video using his cellphone. He made specific groups of videos for students in a physical geology laboratory course. These include
     How to observe and name common minerals
     How to observe and name common igneous rocks
     How to observe and name common sedimentary rocks.
Other series of original videos are planned. These videos are public and may be useful to teachers and students as pre-lab or pre-quiz viewing exercises.