Teaching with Video - NSF-sponsored workshop

In 2014 NSF sponsored through NAGT/SERC a virtual workshop on teaching undergraduate geoscience with video. Click the image for the link to the online resources.

Click for online access

Click for online access

I contributed resources to this workshop. Click the image for the link to the online resources.

Teaching with Video - Research

Although a few years out of date, this online resource for best practices brings together vetted research on the use of video research for improving educational outcomes.

Click image for website

Click image for website

Teaching with Video - In Practice

The single most comprehensive resource that summarizes research on teaching with video and multimedia is by Clark and Mayer, 2011.

Clark, Ruth C., and Richard E. Mayer. E-learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

Application of Multimedia Principles for Video Selection

We have authored a paper on the application of multimedia principles for the selection of video appropriate for teaching. Check it out, and our other publications, in the Technical Publications section of the Library.