How do debris flows begin?

Does fracking cause earthquakes?

Does global warming of oceans cause damage to coral reefs?


Challenge ideas

Contemporary science pushes the boundaries of accepted knowledge. Many students do not understand that most "new" ideas that scientists generate are ultimately doomed to the dustbin of history, like extinct species the fossils of which are never found. The truly revolutionary and successful scientific theories are built upon decades or even centuries of studies that slog through the complex morass of nature's web.

We have found numerous YouTube videos that demonstrate the day to day work of most scientists. Slogging in the mud in the field, futzing with machines in the laboratory, or just using plain quiet time for thinking while taking a coffee break at Starbucks, This is the more mundane side of "doing science". These videos give a more accurate portrayal of how the foundations of new scientific information is generated.

Science Video Discoveries by Scott Brande

Scott scours over 100 YouTube channels for videos of potential interest for teaching science. His (near) daily posts may be found here.

Teaching with Video Multimedia

To supplement textbook topical coverage, and to demonstrate contemporary issues, we have found numerous YouTube videos that bridge textbook topics to current events with sufficiently high value for inclusion in our valuable and limited class time. Learn more about Teaching with Video..