Expanding knowledge with flooding, river control, and levee engineering

Expanding knowledge about atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidification

Expanding knowledge of climate change on Greenland's ice sheet


Expand knowledge

Textbooks take time to be conceived, developed, published, and adopted. At this early stage of transition from hard copy textbooks to electronic versions, information committed to paper is subject to continual change. YouTube videos of pedagogic interest include television news broadcasts and multimedia products from corporations, governmental and educational institutions, and individuals, among many other sources.

Science Video Discoveries by Scott Brande

Scott scours over 100 YouTube channels for videos of potential interest for teaching science. His (near) daily posts may be found here.

Teaching with Video Multimedia

To supplement textbook topical coverage, and to demonstrate contemporary issues, we have found numerous YouTube videos that bridge textbook topics to current events with sufficiently high value for inclusion in our valuable and limited class time. Learn more about Teaching with Video..