Doesn't EZsnips Just Stream from YouTube?

Sure. When you play a snip from EZsnips of a YouTube video, YouTube streams the video directly to you.

Why not just play all my videos directly from bookmarks of my videos to YouTube?

Good question. You can. But you might not want to. Here's why.

  • YouTube's default video player occupies just shy of 34% of the default field of view. Wouldn't you want your students to watch a video in a player that occupies nearly 100% of the screen? So they're not distracted by other stuff YouTube wants you and your students to see?

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  • The other 2/3rds of the YouTube window is covered with marketing and other information YouTube wants you, and your students, to see. Like the distracting "related" videos column on the right. Like the information below the player that probably is irrelevant to your students, like the video title in text, channel owner icon and name, text of "About", number of views, and field for "comments" (even if comments are disabled), etc.
  • And then if you want to silence the sound track, you still have to separately click the speaker icon to mute the video.
  • And then if your bookmark brought you here, and you wanted to get rid of these distractions, you would still have to click the icon to enlarge the player to "full screen".
Distracting display from YouTube. Click to play.

Distracting display from YouTube. Click to play.

What does a full screen video look like on YouTube?


Better. Much better than the default. But you'd still have to click the speaker icon if you want to silence the sound track while playing.

And perhaps more critically, you can't automatically stop the video where you want! You'll have to remember to manually click the video to end the play.

How is EZsnips better than YouTube?

Good question. Your students deserve better - a cleaner screen. So their attention can focus where it's most important - on the video you control for them to watch.

EZ snips player view (small or full screen). Click to play.

EZsnips player view (small or full screen). Click to play.

When you play a snip of a YouTube video from EZsnips, we do the hard work for you.

  • start the YouTube video where you want it to begin
  • stop the video where you want it to end
  • play the video with sound (if present), or muted
  • play the video full screen, or not
  • without the distracting column of "related" videos


EZsnips & YouTube - the Best of Both Worlds!

YouTube - the largest video archive on the planet (but you have to search to find the "good" stuff)

EZsnips - once you find the "good" stuff, curate your selections with EZsnips, and make it even more valuable!